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A Not-at-all Random Walk Through the Digital Preservation Landscape


Am 6. November um 17 Uhr fand im Gebäude des Exzellenzclusters Bild Wissen Gestaltung das sechste Spreeforum statt. Das Thema der Veranstaltung lautete “Digital Preservation”.


Über den Vortrag:
Digital preservation efforts such as Europeana or the Digital Public Library of America have been initiated to preserve our cultural heritage. It is (mostly) understood that we need sustainable, scalable, and business-oriented preservation models for the vast amount of digital content we create today.
In this talk I will provide a motivation for different Web archiving efforts and I will discuss several preservation approaches developed by the Research Library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This overview includes Memento, a framework that makes it easy to access the Web of the past, the introduction of Memento for Chrome, a newly developed client implementation, and SiteStory, a transactional archiving solution.
Let’s talk time travel!


Über den Redner:
Martin Klein received his Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (2002) and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Old Dominion University (2011). From 2002 to 2005, he was a scientist at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin conducting research in the realm of e-Learning and mobile computing. At Old Dominion University, he was part of the Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group and a part-time lecturer in the Computer Science Department. He currently is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Research Library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. His research interests include scholarly communication, digital preservation, temporal aspects of the web, and information retrieval and extraction.


Die Teilnahme war dank der Förderung der Alcatel-Lucent-Stiftung für Kommunikationsforschung kostenfrei.


05. November 2013 by Lisa
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